House rules

Please read the rules we set up in order to insure you a pleasant stay and prevent any possible misunderstandings. It is understood that, after the reservation is confirmed, the guest will observe all its items.

Upon the arrival to Vila M Palace, give your full name as it titled on the reservation. Deposit your personal documents and the documents of all the guests occupying your apartment.

The price of the apartment rent is paid by the guest in person, in the hotel. All other expenses (for example, phone, mini bar etc.) are paid separately, regardless of the total rent price. The advance payment amount is subtracted from the total rent amount. Please keep the proof of advance payment.

The hotel staff is not allowed to enter the rented apartment or room without the customer‘s approval, nor touch or use their personal belongings. The staff may enter the apartment only to clean the rooms, change the linen, when there is a reasonable doubt that the apartment or the property of the guest is under any kind of threat or the house rules are broken.

The hotel is at service for all the information and help. If the guest has any objection regarding the quality of accommodation or the hotel staff, the customer is expected to bring them to the hotel manager’s attention or note them down in the complaints book at the reception desk.

Valuable personal belongings, money and other items can be stored in the apartment or hotel safe kept by the reception desk. If they are not stored in the safe, the hotel is not responsible in case they are reported missing.

Pets are not allowed in the apartments and the hotel.

Inflammable and explosive substances, ones with strong or unpleasant odor are not allowed in the hotel.

Electric appliances (kettle, freezer, and similar) are not allowed in the apartments, except they are for personal body care (shaver, toothbrush, hair drier), personal entertainment (laptop computer, tablet, game box, music player) and except mobile phones.

From 9pm to 7am is the night rest time. The guest is expected to be careful not to make noise or disturb other customers.

Please keep the rented apartment in good condition. When leaving it, turn off any electric appliances and water taps.

Loss of a key or card should be reported at the reception desk. They are charged 10 Euros.

Room items such as pillows, blankets, towels are not allowed to be taken outside the hotel.

It is forbidden to bring persons that are not hotel residents into the apartment. Only customers registered at the reception desk are allowed to use the hotel facilities.

Any damage caused intentionally or unintentionally by the customer has to be covered by the customer. At the day of departure, it is required that the customer allow the staff inspect all apartment premises and house appliances. The costs of any unreported damages will be pursued through the court of law.

The guest is required to leave the apartment by 10am so that it could be cleaned and prepared for the next guest. The guest can, in advance, arrange to keep the room till 2pm, which is charged 50% of a day’s rent, or keep if after 2pm which is charged full price of a day’s rent.

The guest has to leave the apartment in the same condition as it was when they first entered it.

The hotel will cancel the accommodation to the guest who does not respect the hotel rules and charge them the full price of the reservation term.

It is understood that the guest is aware of the rules and agrees to its terms. Any misunderstanding that can’t be resolved with the hotel or the agency will be resolved with the police assistance and the court of law in Budva. Any objection made by the guest that is not reported during the period of the stay will not be taken into consideration.

Villa M Palace wishes you a pleasant holiday.